Mobile Optimized Web Sites

Why Mobile Optimization?

Research confirms mobile search and mobile internet use will increase as the internet use from desktop computers and laptops will decrease. The growth of mobile technology is increasing at a higher rate than anything else has been before. This means that mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets are more commonly used today to search online information about organizations and companies like yours.


Optimized Mobile Website

Mobile marketing strategies are essential to successful companies today. We develop a unique and strong relationship with each client in order to develop a campaign strategy for mobile marketing. We succeed with an optimized mobile website.

The world is a busy place. With a mobile website people at parks, public transportation, and other places are able to access your website without having to find a computer!

Using DotNetNuke for your mobile design, Business Tech Bay can work with you to execute a content management system. This management system, or control panel, enables you and your company to alter the mobile website. The control panel is accessible anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day with an internet connection.

A close study of layout, content, context, and users is required to design a mobile website and content management system. With the patient, experienced professionals at Business Tech Bay, your mobile website will be ready quickly and efficiently. With our help, the mobile information will be attainable instantly and easily.

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